4 Simple Ways to recycle old T-Shirts

We believe that each of us has some old t-shirts stashed someplace in the house that contain a wealth of memories. T-shirts have a way of becoming highly personal since they hold memories of our lives and eventually become unwearable. It can be difficult to get rid of them for nostalgic reasons. We, on the other hand, have a solution for you.

Instead of throwing them away and regretting afterwards, here are 4 ways to recondition and repurpose an old t-shirt.

Turn them into Quilts:

All of the techniques that we will mention below are sentimental, but this is the most sentimental and practical of them all. Although preparing a quilt out of your t-shirts takes a long time and is costly, the end result is spectacular. Quilts can be wonderful gifts and surprises for someone you care about and even for yourself as well, as a method to secure your past memories without having to stock up on t-shirts. When their son or daughter goes to college, most mothers make a quilt out of their old clothing. This is something you must try if you enjoy crafts. You’ll need about thirty old t-shirts for a large quilt, but less would enough for a smaller one.

Turn them into Pillow Covers:

Just live quits, you can even turn your favorite t-shirt into a pillow case and have it in your arms every day before going to sleep. For a bigger pillow you might have to utilize two to three t-shirts but for a small cushion, even one would be enough. Students or people who leave home and can’t carry a lot of stuff usually make quilts out of their favorite shirts to remind them of the memorable times they enjoyed back at home.

Turn them into Pet Toys:

Turning old t-shirts into pet toys is another innovative way to utilize your large stock of t-shirts. This is a really practical idea, and if you include a squeaker inside the toy, the whole thing will be even more entertaining for your pet to chase and chew. T-shirts can also be used to make cozy sleeping quarters for pets or as towels for pets after a shower or rain. This method can be used not only for t-shirts, but also for other clothing items that you are no longer using, for example sweaters.

Turn them into a bag:

Although the bag made from an old t-shirt may not be as attractive as one purchased from a store, it can make you feel better about sustaining the environment. The t-shirt bag can be used for a variety of purposes, including supermarket shopping, library visits, and vacation. Cotton knit t-shirts make the ideal t-shirt bags since you don’t have to bother about completing the edges.

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